Interactive Resources

iPad Resources

Screen capture/annotate for IWBs
Jing project (requires free download)

Smart Searches

Evri - help students understand web searches

Ideas for Engaging Learners

Interactive Resources - Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom Teacher
56 Ways to use an IWB
Neal McDonald's ESL
Ideas to Inspire
Classroom 2.0
Florida Center for Instructional Tech
Teaching Hacks
Word Wall Ideas
How to Podcast
Excel Ideas
IWB Revolution

Notelab - digital note taking

Web 2.0 Tools "Word/Tag Clouds" Get ideas here Versatile Graphic Organizer
Glogster - create Multimedia posters
Random Name/Word Slotmachine
Video Tools List
Classtools - Templates to create your own flash games
The Connected Classroom - Good Web 2.0 Primer
Webware – Web 2.0 tools
Best of 2008
Best of 2007


TeacherTube, American Rhetoric, and Nova
Photosynth - turn your own photos into panoramas
Cool Iris - Great visual way to search images
King Features Syndicate- Comic strip database
Clip Art
Make your own Comics
Zamzar Download Youtube videos and convert files
KeepVid Use Media>File button to download Youtube videos

Games/Student Response


Puzzle games from
All-Star Games - Check out spot the differences

Graphic Organizers

Collections of Resources

Library Research Links flash files and .pdf files
Video Tutorials for PPT to Photoshop all grades, all subjects Royal Kingston
Whiteboard Resources from BGFL
ngfl North Umberland
National Whiteboard Network from the UK (PDF, DOC, and EXE files)
Alabama Learning Exchange
Interactive Whiteboards from Kent
Lee’s Summit, MO
Woodlands Interactive Activities
Sheppard Software
East Carter School
Wichita Public Schools
Primary Resources
Various Resources from 3M
Teaching Time
I Know That
Online Activities at Scholastic

Subscription Sites/Downloads

E-chalk Whiteboard Resources
Active Math for the Whiteboard
Interactive Resources
Interactive Resources
MS One Note

Interactive Websites by Subject Area

Virtual Manipulatives Math
Math Manipulatives
The Play Ground
Click Here
More Math Links Here - animated bubbles for graphing data

Math Ideas:
Use Froogle to locate prices for activities
Build graphs
Create number lines
Explore area and perimeter
Explore shapes and patterns
Make change
Sort objects/vocabulary
Work with math manipulatives and patterns

Virtual Manipulatives Reading/ELA
McDonald ESL ELA
McDonald ESL Reading Practice
Read Write Think
Grades 3-6
Grades 7-12 Arts
Language Arts

ELA/Reading Ideas:
Change or add adjectives
Circle elements to check authenticity of a website
Explore editing and proofreading marks
Highlight words in sentences and paragraphs - use e-books!
Identify the fact or opinion in an article
Match words
Use highlighter tool to highlight parts of speech (i.e., nouns, verbs, adjectives)
Practice words. Move the icon to see the answer.
Use a story starter, write a class story, chain story, or peer story
Put key words in middle and write two points of view
Scramble words and make sentences
Write a daily journal, news article, or newsletter with key information from news websites
Write sentences based on photographs
Plot the relationship between two characters (i.e., calm/stressed, happy/sad)
Use photo of a person (i.e., character from book, historical figure) and write in “bubble” about their thoughts.
Show a book cover, analyze the photo before you start reading, then after. Use bubbles for brainstorming.

Virtual Manipulatives Social Studies
History Click Here
History Ideas
Social Studies Ideas Click Here
Take virtual field trips
Build timelines
Categorize landforms
Compare time periods, groups, and civilizations (i.e., Mayans/Incans/Aztecs, Indian Tribes)
Compare political parties
Compare the clothing of rich and poor in specific time periods (i.e.,Victorian times).
Examine primary resource materials such as historic documents and maps
Label maps
Identify branches of government, states vs national government, types of governments
Show development of cities, movement of people (i.e., immigration)
Show movement of products (i.e., transcontinental railroad, food from farm to city)
Trace the movement of people (i.e., expeditions, characters in story)

Virtual Manipulatives Science
The Story of Stuff - 20 min environmental video
Universcale - put the universe into perspective
McDonald ESL Science - Science
Jefferson Labs
Science Links
Biology/Life Science
Earth Sciences
Physical Science
Human Anatomy Online
Frog Guts
Lawrence Hall of Science Interactive Showcase
Amazon Interactive
Nutrition info for fast food and restaurant items
Calories Burned during different activities
Nat. Hurricane Center
StormPulse - Track history's most powerful hurricanes
This is Sand - simple and fun, but good example of deposition
NASA's satellite images - organized by planet
Earth, Sun, and Moon - virtual manipulative
NASA Solar System - pdf with great digital images
NASA Solar System Exploration - point and click
TAtome - Tetris with molecules
Minim - Combine atoms with the same numbered symbols to completely minimize the puzzle molecules 3D modeling for molecules.

Science Ideas:
Categorize (i.e., landforms, creatures)
Compare characteristics and properties (i.e., rocks/minerals)
Conduct a dissection (i.e., frog)
Explore science visuals and processes (i.e., cell parts)
Explore solar system
Go on virtual field trips
Label parts of plants and animals (i.e., skeletons)
Records science data (i.e., atmospheric pressure).
Write questions for an online expert
Trace plagues, spread of fires, and other movement.

Art and Music
Grades 3-6
Grades 7-12
Math-based sketchpad

Art Ideas:
Analyze works of art
Compare techniques
Demonstrate drawing techniques
Explore famous artists
Create art as a group
Examine sculpture and masks
Explore a school mural at Ambleside Primary School.

Fine Arts Links
Name that Note

Technology Links
MS Excel
Computer Links

Other Subject Areas
Elementary Toy Theater - Music, Art, and more
ESL Google Translates entire websites
Foreign Languages