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Notebook Version 10 Software training presentations by Sarah Acord Education Consultant - South/Central Texas SMART Technologies

Smartboard Blog
ACCE Interactive Whiteboard Resources Download Whiteboard Notebooks in many subject areas.
Geometry Lesson Notebooks

Building Smarter Ways to Use the Smart Board Notebooks across the curriculum
SMART Notebook Templates from UK Includes files from all levels.
Using Smartboard for Engaging Lessons Features Podcasts, lessons, and templates
Bedfordshire School
Center School District
East Riding of Yorkshire

Gasconade County
Greenwich Grid for Learning great source for notebooks and flash files (under ITPs folders)
Harvey's Homepage
Lakeland Central School District
Longwood Central School District
Oxford lessons
Scholastic Interactive Lessons
SMART Board Lessons
Smart Education Resources
The SMART Way to Teach
Think Bank
Wichita Public Schools
Wright City School District